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About me

I am a picture maker and ex human geographer who loves to explore the world and make images in response to the wonderful things I am lucky to see. I make picture books and help direct creative projects for various businesses. I have travelled and lived in many different corners of the world - from Tasmania where I did a PhD and met my husband (who was a penguin scientist in Antarctica), to Kenya and western China, Germany, Nepal and Mongolia. Cold weather makes me happy, especially wind and storms and snow. I love, more than almost anything in the world, to sit in a new place and draw what I see.

Here I am earlier this year (2022) in Venice sitting on a canal - and that’s what I could see!

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Thoughts and process from a creative life


@abottlefullofrain Illustrator, designer and creator. Loves line and running along mountain tops, tea, children's books, and exploring a new city.